The Sierra PTO is a non-profit all-volunteer organization of parents, teachers, and staff members interested in supporting Kyrene de la Sierra Elementary School. There are no membership dues and no secret handshakes required – just a willingness to work with others to help better our school.

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PTO Executive Board 2015-2016

Shannon Reagan, President president@sierrapto.org

Shannon's photo

Shannon Reagan

Hometown: Being an “army brat” I don’t really have a place to call my hometown – I’ve lived all over, California, Hawaii, Louisiana, Kentucky, Arizona and Colorado.
Children: Twin 9 year old daughters in 4th grade
Profession: I have worked in many facets of the Healthcare/Pharmaceutical industry for the past 23 years .  Most recently I worked as a Government Pharmacy Analyst for a consulting company.
 I also served as Treasurer for Sierra PTO 2013-15 and Sierra PTO President for 2015 – 2016.
Hobbies: I love reading, gardening, cooking, seeing movies and spending time with my girls.
Little-known fact:  My family was in an episode of “Bringing Home Baby” after our twins were born.
Favorite band to see in concert: Depeche Mode.
Favorite book I could read over and over:  To Kill a Mockingbird and The Prince of Tides
Favorite Movie: “The Princess Bride” and “Shawshank Redemption”
What do I know how to say in a foreign language?  I used to be fluent in sign language – that’s hard to ‘type’ 🙂



Niccoli Anderson, Co-Communications Coordinator – communications@sierrapto.org


Niccoli Anderson

Hometown: Naperville, IL
Children: A son in 4th grade and a son in 2nd grade.
Profession: Hairstylist and managing my family
Hobbies: I love to dance, shop, read, and lay in the sun.
Little-known fact:  My husband and I broke the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest on screen kiss, 3 minutes and 40 second on Valentines Day (2014).
Favorite band to see in concert: I would have loved to see Elvis Presley. He was ground-breaking for his time and one of the original teen idols.  My favorite Christmas music is Elvis Christmas songs.
Favorite book I could read over and over: Bridget Jones’s Diary
Favorite Movie:  American President.



Mitch Klann, Co-Vice President – vp@sierrapto.org


Mitch Klann

Hometown: Flagler, Colorado (small town – population 500)
Children: I have a 5th grader at Sierra who loves swimming, basketball, reading and math, and giving.
Profession: I love to work and have plans one day to be a full-time philanthropist.  Currently my real estate team puts smiles on people’s faces on a daily basis.  I own and manage a farm in Colorado and have rental properties.  I have ownership in an Internet company and consider myself an inventor and author.
Hobbies: Spending time with my son is my favorite past times.  He shares almost all of my interests including four-wheeling on Arizona’s beautiful trails, hiking, biking, camping, snowboarding/skiing, and enjoying almost every sport.  We both love to explore, travel, and see the sites even in our own neighborhood and to attend church and give back to those less fortunate.  I am a thrill-seeker and have been skydiving, bungee jumping, gorge swinging in Africa, scuba diving, rock climbing, wind surfing and bogie boarding as well as river rafting down the rapids on the mighty Zambezi!  In January 2008 I summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, the 4th highest peak in the world and in July 2013 I summited Mt. Rainier in preparation for more technical climbs in the future.
Little-known fact:  I was the Valedictorian of my high school class.  How could this happen you ask?  I only had to be better than the other 13 classmates in my graduating class.
Causes I am passionate about: I am passionate about all causes but am especially passionate about those that are focused on protecting and benefiting our children, our elderly and the poor of the world.
I started the 40 on 40 Project over 4 years ago with the help of my son.  Every year on my birthday my son and I do 40 good deeds.  These include free hugs at the mall, roses for unsuspecting individuals, washing bugs off people’s windshields, writing positive notes to people, putting change in parking meters…. just to name a few.   My goal is to have 40,000 people doing 40 on 40 by 2020.  I have my work cut out!
Other charities I am involved with include United Blood, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, Phoenix Rescue Mission, St. Mary’s Food Bank, Live Love, and The Grove church of Chandler and Mountain Park Community church of Ahwatukee outreach programs and missions.
Favorite band to see in concert: I would have loved to have seen Johnny Cash and June Carter
Favorite book I could read over and over:  Start Something that Matters by Blake Mycoskie and 4-Hour Work Week –by Tim Ferris
What do I know how to say in a foreign language? “ich liebe dich” means “I love you” in German because my Grandparents were from Germany.


Alison Pinkston, Treasurer – treasurer@sierrapto.org

Alison Pinkston

Alison Pinkston

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri
Children: I have a son in third grade and 3 grown stepchildren.
Profession: I have a degree in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and spent many years building rockets.
Hobbies: I love to read, do yoga, rollerblade (though I haven’t done that in a while), and love being outdoors.
Little-known fact: I went to Italy as an exchange student for a summer in high school, staying with a host family part of the time and in a hostel in San Gimignano in Tuscany part of the time.
Causes I am passionate about: Food Allergy Research, Lyme Disease Research
Favorite Band to see in concert: White Stripes
Favorite Book I could read over and over: too many to list, recent favorites were “The Martian” and “Big Little Lies”
Favorite Movie: Avatar
What do I know how to say in a foreign language? I don’t think many of the Italian phrases I learned while there in high school are publishable!


Kimberly Tussing, Yearbook – yearbook@sierrapto.org

Kimberly Tussing

Hometown: Casa Grande, AZ
Children: A  daughter in 6th grade, a son in 4th and a son in 2nd.
Profession: Children’s Ministry
Hobbies: Graphic design, reading, cross stitching stockings and snuggling with my kids
Little known fact:   My daughter’s faced graced the packaging of some Bumkin’s baby products for a couple of years. It is an odd experience to walk into Baby’s R Us and see your toddler’s face all over the wall.
Favorite band/singer to see in concert: Garth Brooks was probably the best show I have ever seen.
Favorite Book I could read over and over: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Causes I am passionate about: Feed My Starving Children, child abuse, Children of Promise, Operation Christmas Child



Pamela Lang, Co-Communications Coordinator – communicatons@sierrapto.org

Hometown: Fairport, New York

Children: A son  in 4th grade
Profession: I’m an Esthetician specializing in cosmetic laser treatments and chemical peels.
Hobbies: Writing, Traveling
Little known fact:  A friend and I once danced in a cage with Kevin Meaney and he talked about it on the radio the next day.
Causes I am passionate about: Freedom, Planned Parenthood, feeding hungry people, providing equal access to a good quality of life for those with special needs, supporting the best children’s hospital in the country, Oakland Children’s
Favorite band to see in concert: Prince!
Favorite Book I could read over and over: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
What do I know how to say in a foreign language? “Vanakam” means hello in Tamil.





Meredith Scheerer, Financial Administrator – financial@sierrapto.org

Hometown:  Huntington, New York
Children: Two daughters: one in 4th grade and one in Kindergarten
Profession:  Accounting
Hobbies: Grabbing coffee with a friend
Little-known fact: After a 17 year break i got back together with my High School sweetheart.
Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing
Causes I am passionate about: Volunteering at school I am so excited to be on the board. I went from being a work-a-holic mom to realizing my time is worth more to my kids then the toys I can buy them.



Tara Bellino, Volunteer Coordinator –  volunteercoord@sierrapto.org

Hometown: Martinton, Illinois
Children: A daughter in 3rd grade and a son in Kindergarten
Hobbies: I love to travel (especially when there is a beach involved), shop and spend time with my family!
Little known fact: When I was growing up my hometown only had a population of 350 people and my graduating class in high school was only 35 of us, so I am definitely a small town girl at heart!
Profession: I am a stay at home mom (that is rarely home) 🙂 to my two awesome kids. Best Job Ever!!! Before I had my children I was in Management at Nordstrom which I also enjoyed because I love anything with fashion.
Favorite Band to see in concert: Last summer my husband and I went to see Billy Joel and he will be a hard one to compete with!
Favorite Book I could read over and over: Time Travelers Wife
Favorite Movie: Love Actually & Serendipity



Committee Chairs


APEX Fun Run
Mitch Klann – fundraiser@sierrapto.org
Communications Team

Newsletter (eSizzle & PTO Corner): Niccoli Anderson and Pam Lang – newsletter@sierrapto.org

Social Media:  Monica Gellman socialmedia@sierrapto.org

Website:  Pam Lang – webmaster@sierrapto.org

5th Grade Celebration
Harmony Hess – 5thgrade@sierrapto.org
Bingo Night
Niccoli Anderson – bingonight@sierrapto.org
Book Fair – OPEN
 – bookfair@sierrapto.org 
Cookie Exchange
Heather Ruane –  staffapp@sierrapto.org
Family Fun Night
 Monica Gellman – famdance@sierrapto.org
Fall Festival
Mitch Klann – fallfest@sierrapto.org
History Wall
Libby Garza – historywall@sierrapto.org
Holiday Shoppe
Harmony Hess  and Niccoli Anderson- holidayshoppe@sierrapto.org
 Tara Bellino – hospitality@sierrapto.org
 Erin Myers – marquee@sierrapto.org
Movie Night
Mitch Klann  – movienight@sierrapto.org
Online Store
David Allison – store@sierrapto.org
Meredith Scheerer – readathon@sierrapto.org
Restaurant Nights
Heather Ruane – restaurant@sierrapto.org
Retail Rebate Programs (Box Tops/Tyson/Fry’s Cool Cash)
Gina Jones – retail@sierrapto.org
Retail Rebate Programs (Coke Rewards)
Gina Jones
 Louise Tague – spiritwear@sierrapto.org
Staff Appreciation
Kim Graber – staffapp@sierrapto.org
Student Directory
Monica Gellman – studentdirectory@sierrapto.org
Supply Packs
Alison Pinkston – supplypacks@sierrapto.org
Turkey Trot
Melissa Orender – turkeytrot@sierrapto.org
Watch D.O.G.S.
Bob Myers & Mathew Anderson –  watchdogs@sierrapto.org
Welcome Wagon
Harmony Hess & Vickie Ricks – welcomewagon@sierrapto.org
Kimberly Tussing – yearbook@sierrapto.org
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